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• 3/31/2017

Staff openings

The positions are stated as it follows:
3 Bureaucrats.
3 Admins.
2 Content Moderators.
2 Discussions Moderators.
1 Chat Moderator.
1 Rollback.

To apply, submit an application to an admin's message wall. (Preferably mine)
You must be at least 13. (Unless you are mature) The application is stated as it follows, and is the same as the FNAF:SL wikia's. Some questions do not have to be answered, but if the wiki gets more popular, then they will become required. Those questions will be marked.



How many edits have you made on this wiki?: (Not necessary to answer, as this wiki is quite unpopular)

How long have you been editing this wiki?: (Once again, not necessary to answer.)

What role are you looking to be promoted to?:

What will you bring to the role?:

Have you had any other experience in the role?:

Thank you.
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• 7/17/2017
No replies? ;-;
• 12/20/2018

I would like to apply for an admin on this wika.

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