• MangleXgoldie

    a fnaf blog

    July 5, 2020 by MangleXgoldie

    hewo its ManglexGoldie I love Five Nights at Freddy's I love fredbear he is hot

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  • Bonnie x chica334
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  • MangleXgoldie

    fnaf blog

    June 6, 2020 by MangleXgoldie

    hey it's mangle X GoldieI love you all

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  • Superwholockian7

    Wanna see?

    May 21, 2020 by Superwholockian7

    Here's a preview of one of my FNAF stories if anyone wants to see

    ' *CRASH*.

    Something's in the vents, I just know it. I can hear them moving, getting closer. Why, oh WHY did i take this job!? Why couldn't I have just applied for being a cashier at Mcdonald's or something!? I could have been safe at home, sleeping the night away but noooooo...i just HAD to go for the nightshift at some stupid horror attraction, with what looks like Frankenstien's BUNNY RABBIT trying to kill me, and more hallucinations than you can count on twenty hands! I hear the rabbit getting closer. At least, I think it's the rabbit. I can't be too sure, with the alarms blaring all the time. Something that thing. Something is INSIDE of it, and no matter w…

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  • Creepyamara


    April 19, 2020 by Creepyamara

    Hello! I am new so I would think you have questions about me. I hope we can get along. :)

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  • Lillyann1

    FNAF theory.

    April 2, 2020 by Lillyann1

    Ok, so. This is something I think we all must see\know. In ( video: all voices with subtitles ultimate custom night by NeT_Bionic ) chica said ' I was the first one, I have seen everything ' so, she was the first kid the purple guy killed but who was the last kid purple guy killed? I believe it was The puppet....well, maybe not the last LAST kid he killed but look at it like this. Purple killed a lot of kids so in FNAF 1 or 2 the puppet gave all the ghost kids those suits. Becuase, I think they were lost. They were killed as kids, last kid maybe in fnaf 1 purple guy may have killed the puppet last, so she took over the puppet body and gave th kids the animal suits. Also in that video nightmare, Freddy said ' I am remade but not by you, By …

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    February 22, 2020 by GLITCHTRAP1

    Yello peeps, and I started 4 days ago so I'm gonna make something new soon and it might take a while so stay tuned in case I post! 

    p.s. ballora is ms. Afton.

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