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Were you looking for Show Stage, the second game's CAM 09?

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CAM 09 is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 within Fazbear's Fright.

Springtrap can be seen here, either standing in the middle of the hallway, or staring directly into the left side of the camera.


CAM 09 is a long, mostly bare, dark hallway. On the left wall, a lone poster of Bonnie can be seen, along with a vent and an exit door down the hall. A barely visible poster of Freddy Fazbear can be seen on the far wall. The end of this hallway leads to CAM 10.

The right wall is almost completely obstructed by shadows. Unknown fabric hangs from the right of the ceiling. The hallway sports the same black and white checkered-tile floor as the rest of the building.


  • CAM 09 bears a notable resemblance to the West Hall from Five Nights at Freddy's, such as the positioning and angle of the camera, the near identical design of the floor and walls, the door on the left wall (leads into the Supply Closet in Five Nights at Freddy's and CAM 10 in Five Nights at Freddy's 3), and a cartoon drawing on the left side, comparable to the multiple children's drawings in the West Hall in a similar position.
    • Even one of Springtrap's positions in the hallway is very similar to Bonnie's when he is in the West Hall.