Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's. Compared to the later nights, this night is relatively easy and serves mainly as an introductory stage that accustoms the player to the game's mechanics. Freddy Fazbear is not active (unless the power runs out), and will not move at all, although he can sometimes be seen facing the camera on the Show Stage.

The only starter animatronics that are notably active are Chica and Bonnie. However, a very inactive player may carelessly allow Foxy to attack if not viewing the cameras at all. Golden Freddy can also be summoned on this night, which can be problematic for an unsuspecting player that doesn't know how to get rid of him. This is arguably the best night to summon Golden Freddy, as the other animatronics will rarely attack the player, giving them lots of time to try to make the poster change to Golden Freddy's.

Phone Call

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Just Close the Left Door

A rather simple strategy can be used on this night compared to other nights: that is to simply close the left door and do not do anything else. Do not check the Hall Lights, and do not check the Monitor. This works because if Foxy leaves Pirate Cove to attack, the left door will prevent him from entering and attacking the player, and thus causing a Game Over.

Also, if Chica sneaks into The Office, she cannot do anything unless the player checks the Monitor, which can be easily avoided. Using this strategy should be sufficient to survive the entire night, even if the power runs out. Bonnie's efforts will be proven futile should he approach, as the left door will be closed, and that is the only door through which he may enter The Office.

If a player is more concerned with losing power, they can wait until about 2 AM (around the time Phone Guy's message finishes) to close the door; usually, the animatronics will still be on the Show Stage at this time. Using this strategy ensures that the power will not go out. On the mobile version it's best to wait until Phone Guy stops talking. When waiting until the end of the phone call, the player should check Pirate Cove (they should also be careful with Bonnie and Chica, just in case they move) to make sure Foxy isn't one step away from ending the player's game.

Spotlight Stage

Another strategy is to check the door lights every 8-12 seconds, then check the stage. This allows the player to see if Bonnie and Chica have left. Then, occasionally check Pirate Cove.

  1. Check the Hall Lights every 12 seconds.
  2. Check the stage for Bonnie and Chica.
  3. Check Pirate Cove (this step does not need to be followed frequently, as Foxy will only attack on Night 1 if the player is extremely inactive).


  • The player should get accustomed to many of the vital mechanics utilized throughout the game as quickly as possible, namely, the importance of the Hall Lights, Doors, and conserving power - as Phone Guy says, the player should use it only when absolutely necessary.
    • The player should also try not to use too much power; although this is the first night, power does drain fairly quickly, regardless of the night. Learning to look at the cameras quickly and efficiently is recommended.
  • The player should learn the patterns of the animatronics; Chica will only approach the right door while Bonnie only approaches the left.
  • Foxy can be active and attack on this night, before his official introduction on Night 2, although this requires the player to be idle for an extremely long period of time. Also, he doesn't usually attack before 4 AM comes.
  • It might also be useful to note that each "hour" in the game has a total duration of 1 minute and 25 seconds, meaning each night lasts about 8 minutes and 30 seconds. In the mobile version, each hour lasts approximately 45 seconds. However, this means that the power decreases faster as well and the animatronics are more active, as to balance out the difficulty.
  • Bonnie and Chica tend not to move until around 2-3 AM or around the end of the phone call (this is not the case for other nights), meaning the player really doesn't have to do much for a little while. Being sure to watch Pirate Cove is recommended, however, as Foxy will activate if the player is idle for too long.
  • Many beginning players will desire for the highest level of environmental awareness as possible. While it may provide some comfort to visually understand the locations of the animatronics via the Monitor, it is also very key to listen to the environment. Along with more ambient noises, the player may soon discover that certain sounds actually enhance their current spatial awareness.
    1. Whenever the player is able to hear footsteps, they automatically know that either Bonnie or Chica is active, on the move, and near The Office: typically whenever they reach the West and East halls.
    2. Whenever a series of loud, metallic clattering noises can be heard, the player automatically knows that Chica has wandered into the Kitchen, which eliminates any reason to check on her. The noises in the Kitchen can be heard even if the Monitor is lowered.
    3. Randomly, the player can hear Foxy sing during the Night which is an indication that he is not moving from Pirate Cove.
  • If the player does run out of power, it is recommended to "play dead" (not move the mouse), as Freddy might delay his attack and extend his song.
  • Because the animatronics are not very active on this night, it is considered the best night for summoning Golden Freddy, as the other animatronics will not really be bothersome. It is also said that Golden Freddy appears most often on this night and Night 3. New players may not know what to do when they see him, therefore he can be a real threat to inexperienced players. If the poster in the West Hall Corner changes to a close up picture of Freddy with hollow eye sockets, then this means that Golden Freddy will appear in The Office when the Monitor is lowered. Getting rid of him is easy, however, and the player has a fair amount of time to react once he is in The Office. If he appears, simply raising the Monitor will cause him to despawn.


  • The phone recording on this night is the longest of the five phone recordings, stopping shortly after 2 AM.
  • The order of animatronic activity from greatest to least is Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy.
  • This is one of two nights where Freddy doesn't move from the Show Stage unless the power goes out, the other being Night 2.
  • A reversed, lower-pitched version of this night's phone recording can sometimes be heard as ambiance in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.



Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and the only playable night in the mobile demo, as well as one of two playable nights on the PC demo. It introduces players to the new mechanics of the game, such as the Flashlight, Freddy Fazbear Head, and Music Box, as well as familiarizing them with the new locations and animatronics such as Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and The Puppet.

Phone Call

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This night is considerably more difficult than the first night of the original game. The player should be on high alert, as the new animatronics become active at 2 AM, even during the phone call. The player should also remember to wind up the Music Box. (However, the Music Box will remain wound up until about 2 AM, whereby it will start to wind down shortly after Phone Guy mentions it).

The player should also keep an eye on both the Left Air Vent and the Right Air Vent. If any banging is heard, the player should be sure to view both air vents in order to see which animatronic is either inside of or about to enter The Office, though this is not absolutely necessary. Foxy does not generally become active on this night, but it has been reported to happen, so the player should frequently use the Flashlight to check the hallway in front of them. Mangle also has a chance to become active on this night, although this is very rare.

If an animatronic is lurking in the vents on either side of The Office, the player should very quickly wind up the Music Box to about halfway, then immediately put on the Freddy Fazbear Head until the player hears more banging sounds in the vents, indicating that the animatronic has left (or, in the case of Toy Bonnie, the player will see him sliding into view and then disappearing). This will allow the player to avoid death with relative ease.

Another strategy has been found, and proven to be even more simplistic.

The most simple strategy to beating the first night of the second game revolves around winding up the Music Box only, while not touching anything else. Foxy does not become active on this night, thus flashing the hallway is not necessary, nor are any of the old animatronics active, so the Monitor can be kept up somewhat comfortably. Using this strategy is most likely to succeed since Toy Freddy usually does not enter The Office unless the Monitor has been pulled down multiple times.


  • Each hour in the game lasts approximately 1 minute and 8 seconds, which means each night takes approximately 6 minutes and 48 seconds to complete - a considerably faster rate compared to the first game, which takes approximately 1 minute and 25 seconds per in-game hour.
    • Unlike the first game, the PC and mobile versions take the same amount of time for an hour to pass.
  • A good strategy to avoid death is for the player to check the Monitor, wind the Music Box, lower the Monitor, and then to immediately equip the Freddy Head to avoid death from certain animatronics, and finally, to end by taking the head off and aiming the Flashlight down the hall in order to deter Foxy, should he be there. Also, the player should listen to the vents as strange, loud banging can be heard if an animatronic is inside either vent and approaching The Office; this can save the player time since having to use the Monitor to locate an animatronic can be tedious.
  • The player should be aware that, unlike Freddy Fazbear in the first game, Toy Freddy will activate during this night.
    • If Toy Freddy is seen peering into The Office, leering closer than usual in the hallway, the player should immediately put on the Freddy Head to ward him off.
  • The Music Box will start to unwind around 2 AM, shortly after Phone Guy mentions it, so the player must pay attention to it, even during his call, as it doesn't end until around 3 AM. Toy Bonnie will also begin to move toward The Office around the same time, but since he takes a while to arrive, he is not an immediate threat.
  • To prevent the animatronics from moving, the player should shine the Flashlight on the Show Stage every few seconds while all three animatronics are still there. This will not keep them there the whole night, but if done correctly, it could effectively stall them until 4 AM.



Upon entering the game for the first time, a short cutscene will occur. The player looks out in front of them, presumably through the eyes of Freddy, at a dark room resembling the Dining Area from the first game. The player can move their mouse to the left and right sides of the screen to pan; panning left brings Chica into view, and panning right brings Bonnie into view. After a while, the screen flickers and cuts out in a way similar to that of the Death Minigames, before finally going black with the word "err" in the top left corner. There is a chance that a sound akin to a mixture of radio static and the Freddy Fazbear Head's sound will play while showing a half-lighted Freddy head.


  • On this night, Phone Guy states that the animatronics have the ability to roam freely during the day. In Night 1 of the first game, Phone Guy states that the animatronics could previously roam freely during the day, but they are not programmed/allowed to any longer due to a previous incident.
    • This strongly hints that Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is a prequel.
  • Strangely, this phone call contains many slight nods to the first game. Phone Guy specifically states that The Office has no doors, and that its counterpart, the Freddy Fazbear Head, can be left on as long as the player wants. He also states that the building has unlimited power, so there is no penalty for checking the lights or cameras frequently.
  • Phone Guy refers to the security guard job as a "summer job", although the paycheck received at the end of the game places the timeframe in fall, being issued in November.
  • Phone Guy was hinted to have died on Night 4 in the first game, but he is alive and well here, strongly suggesting that Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is a prequel.


Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. This night serves as an introductory stage that acquaints the player with the mechanics of the game.

Phone Call

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This is the easiest night in the game, as well as the whole series, since Springtrap and the phantom animatronics are not active at this night, so the player does not have to do anything to survive.

During Night 1, the player is recommended to experiment and become familiar with the basic controls to the game (the Monitor, Maintenance Panel, etc.) as well as getting a clear understanding of the building.


Upon clearing this night the player will be taken to a minigame, which seems to take place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza of the first game. The player controls Freddy Fazbear and has to follow a purple-colored version of Freddy (most likely Shadow Freddy from the second game).

After a certain point, Purple Freddy will enter a room (the Safe Room, which the animatronics aren't programmed to enter) that, when the player attempts to follow it, they will be given an error message, and will be unable to enter the room. Shortly after, Purple Guy will run out of the room and dismember Freddy.

Also, if the player strays from the path of "Purple Freddy" for too long without following him, Purple Guy will run at and dismantle Freddy regardless.

If the player explores the minigame area, they will come across a hallway which provides instructions on how to play the hidden minigames in Night 2, and, therefore, the good ending.

However, there is a chance the player may encounter a hidden minigame named Mangle's Quest, where the player will be able to control a dismantled Mangle that explores an unknown hallway to retrieve each of Mangle's parts. Moving to the right completely, however, will lead Mangle to fall out of the normal map, and land in a more morbid place, showing a large sprite of The Puppet simply leaned over, as if lifeless like a normal doll.

Proceeding to the right in the normal minigame will lead to more Mangle parts before revealing a metal door simply labeled "EXIT". Taking a right after dropping from the normal map will lead to another exit door, with a platform above it carrying an enormous cake, similar to that of the cake in the Balloon Boy minigame and the other animatronic minigames.

On the mobile version, Mangle's Quest will automatically start once Night 1 ends.


  • Unlike the Night 1 calls from Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2, this call lasts until 4 AM, essentially making it the series' longest introductory call.
    • However, this may simply be because the nights are much shorter than in the previous games. Each hour is only 43 seconds long, even shorter than the first game's mobile version.
    • This phone call lasts "longer" with Fast Nights enabled, due to even shorter hours, lasting until 5 AM.
  • Unlike the first and second games, nothing happens on the first night. There are no audio, video or ventilation errors, and Springtrap and the phantom animatronics aren't active. As a result, it is impossible to lose on this night. Therefore, this night serves as an introduction for beginners to get used to the controls and mechanics.
    • Because of this, it is also the most optimal night for finding Hallucinations that aren't night-specific, (like the Springtrap posters) because nothing will bother the player.
  • The reason Springtrap is not active is because he is not discovered at the time of Night 1.
  • It is during Night 1's call that potential fire risks within the attraction are mentioned, heavily foreshadowing the attraction's fate.
  • This is the only night which shows green-colored text upon starting the night. Every night onwards will show white text.
    • This possibly tells the player that this is a safe night, hinting at no jumpscares, hence the green name of the night.
  • If the Fast Nights cheat is enabled in the Extra Menu, Phone Dude will talk for the entire night, with the call getting cut off at 6 AM.


Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. This night serves as an introductory stage that acquaints the player with the mechanics of the game.

Unlike the previous installments, there is no Phone Guy to explain anything to the player. Instead the game uses tooltips over the interactive areas. To enable the player to get a feel for the game, the assault of the animatronics do not seem to start for about 2 hours or slightly less.

The game starts up with text that says "Five days until the party." Then an image of a pixelated Fredbear appears and begins to talk to the player. The screen changes to a crying child locked in a room with toys of the Fazbear gang (Foxy is missing his head) and the Fredbear toy on the bed, following the player with his eyes. If the player moves over to the toys, a text box will appear saying "These are my friends." To end the minigame, move the child over to the door. Once the door has been knocked on enough, the child will lay down and cry, prompting a text box that says "Tomorrow is another day." to appear and ending the game.


This night is fairly tame in nature to allow the player time to settle in. However, it is still extremely easy to fall into some of the lesser explained traps of the game with some mechanics being easier to pick up on than others. For the first time, there is no Monitor to view or any visual aids; the player's only cues to detect the animatronics will be of the sounds they make, so clear listening is an absolute must.

The player has three things they must do on this night in order to survive.

  1. Turn around to the bed every so often and flash the light to keep it free of Nightmare Freddy's little Freddies. If they are neglected, Nightmare Freddy will form and attack the player. If the bed is stared at for too long, Nightmare Foxy will attack from behind.
  2. Keep Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica away from the doors on either side. This can be done by running to the doors and listening for at least 3 to 4 seconds (clarified by Scott Cawthon on Steam) for breathing. If breathing can be heard, the door must be closed for a few seconds to allow the animatronic to walk away. This will be indicated by the sound of their footsteps. If breathing cannot be heard, the Flashlight must be shone down the hall to fend off a possible approach from the animatronic.
  3. Check the closet just in case Nightmare Foxy appears. It is possible for Nightmare Foxy to appear on the first night, but the chances are slim.

Another way to beat this night is to flash the bed from 2 AM onward. If Nightmare Foxy approaches, his efforts will be proven failure unless the player turns around which easily can be avoided.

It is important to note that with the doors, not being attentive enough can result in death if the animatronic is anywhere in the hall. If the Flashlight is shone while the animatronic is in breathing distance, they will attack. If the door is closed while the animatronic is down the hall, they will sprint down and attack the instant the door is opened. Patience is a virtue when dealing with the doors, but be warned that hanging around one door too long can cause the other animatronic to sneak in and attack when they turn to the bed.

End of Night Sequence

Once the Night is over, an alarm clock will sound and 6 AM will appear on the screen. Then, another minigame sequence will play. The crying boy will be in the room again, however, this time they can leave to explore the house with the Fredbear toy waiting for them in each room. Going to the right reveals a female's room with a broken Mangle toy lying next to a bed. Going to the left reveals a family room with a TV set and couch. If the child approaches the TV set, someone from behind it wearing a Foxy head will scare the child. This ends the sequence with the words "Tomorrow is another day." appearing once more.

At the end of every night, the player will have a chance to get two hours skipped the next night by playing the "Fun with Plushtrap" minigame. It is essentially "Red Light, Green Light". To win, the player must to keep the light off to allow Plushtrap to move from his chair at the end of the hall towards the player where an X lies on the floor. If light is shined while Plushtrap is on the X, the player wins 2 hours off. But, if the player fails to stop Plushtrap on the X, or allows Plushtrap to move past the X, which results in a jumpscare, the player will not get two hours off the next night. It should also be noted that if the two hours off is received, and the night ends up failed, the two hours off will no longer take effect.


  • Each hour in the game lasts approximately 1 minute, which means each night takes approximately 6 minutes to complete - a considerably faster rate compared to the first game, which takes approximately 1 minute and 25 seconds per in-game hour.
  • The setup of the game is very much like the first game; however, Bonnie and Chica work in a far more explicit tag team, trying to get the player to pay more attention to one so the other can sneak in.
  • Sometimes if the player turns around to the bed, an IV Drip can be seen at the side, hinting that the protagonist may be ill. Additionally, a small jar of pills or a vase of flowers may also appear at the side of the bed.
  • Similar to the first game, Nightmare Foxy only makes an appearance on the first night if the player attempt to "cheese" Night 1 by standing in a way that prevents the triggers of any of the other animatronics from playing their attacks, given Nightmare Freddy is the only one that can get the player from behind on this Night, if the player tries to avoid Nightmare Bonnie's or Nightmare Chica's attacks by never turning around, Nightmare Foxy will put an end to that tactic.
  • It is possible to beat Night 1 with neither Nightmare Bonnie nor Nightmare Chica appearing at the door at all.

Five Nights at Freddy's

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