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Five Nights at Freddy's has an extremely vague backstory, and with such a huge following of fans, it's only expected that many theories about the game's confusing history and events would spawn. Amongst these theories, there are also rumors, most of which are false and immediately proven wrong. In an effort to keep all of these ideas in one spot, this page will be maintained as regularly as possible to keep up-to-date on any new ideas or discoveries.

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These are fan-generated theories that attempt to explain certain aspects of the game. None of these theories have been confirmed and should not be accepted as canon unless Scott confirms that they are true.

Phone Guy's Death

One of the most hot-topic debates in the fandom is the mysterious death of Phone Guy. The lack of information surrounding his death has made room for intense speculation. On Night 4, you receive your usual recording from Phone Guy. He states that he "won't be around to send you more messages" after this night. In the background, a banging sound can be heard, as if someone or something was banging on the door. As the phone call comes to an end, the Toreador March jingle can be heard, followed by a strange moan, and then the call cuts off into static.

- Facts

  • It's obvious that Phone Guy was killed by an animatronic because of the screech that sounded as the call ended.
  • It's safe to assume that Freddy was involved in killing him in some way. Freddy is the only animatronic who plays the Toreador March. It's not safe to assume, however, that Freddy was the animatronic who captured and killed Phone Guy.
  • Near the end of the call, right before Phone Guy dies, a moan can be heard. This moan is actually one of the noises that Bonnie and Chica make whenever they are in The Office. It's safe to assume that they were involved in Phone Guy's death.

- Who Killed Him?

The phone call itself revealed very little about who actually killed him. The two most popular choices for this are Freddy and Foxy; however, with the recent discovery of the moan in the call, it's also possible that either Bonnie or Chica were responsible. Many fans debate that Foxy was the one who killed him because there is the sound of someone banging on a door in the background of the call. Foxy is the only animatronic who bangs on the door. However, because the Toreador March plays right before Phone Guy dies, many fans immediately assume that Freddy was the one who killed him. Concerning the moan, it's also plausible that either Bonnie or Chica got to him somehow.
However, a contradiction appears regardless of who you believe actually did it. It's safe to assume that, during his shifts, Phone Guy operates using the same mechanics as the player. In order for the situations within the phone call to occur, the following conditions need to be met:
  1. Phone Guy needed to have the left door closed. The banging sound implies that Foxy was at the door.
  2. Freddy needed to be involved in some way, and he needed to be in a situation where he would play his jingle. The only time Freddy plays his jingle is when he's in the kitchen or when the power goes out.
  3. Chica or Bonnie needed to be inside The Office, which means that one of the doors had to be open. If Foxy was banging on the door, then it would be impossible for Bonnie to get in because Bonnie never appears in the West Hall if Foxy is at the door.
Assuming these conditions, there are a few possible ways that Phone Guy could have died following regular game mechanics. Most fans believe one of the following happened:
  1. Freddy snuck into the room while Phone Guy was looking at the monitor and killed him. While this works easily in theory, there are quite a few flaws with it. First off, Phone Guy noticed Freddy's jingle before getting killed. Freddy never plays his jingle before killing the player unless the power goes out. If one assumes that the power did go out, there's another flaw. There is no sound of the power going out heard on the phone call (a loud hum always sounds when the power goes out). Even then, if the power did go out, the call would have cut off much earlier, before Phone Guy dies. However, the call goes all the way through until the screech. It's possible that Phone Guy recorded his messages using a battery-operated machine. However, battery-operated recording devices do not ring like a telephone when being played back. The only possible way that Freddy could have played his jingle and immediately after killed the Phone Guy without the power going out would be if Freddy was in the Kitchen and immediately teleported to The Office. However, the jingle was loud enough to be heard on the call, so Freddy couldn't have been far away when it started playing.
  2. The power went out and Phone Guy was killed by Freddy. This seems to be the most logical, as it's the only situation where Freddy will play his jingle and then immediately kill the player. However, there's no sound of the power going out beforehand and there's still the issue with the phone-like device not cutting the call off.
  3. Foxy got into the room and killed the Phone Guy. For this to happen, the Phone guy could have opened the door after Foxy left and Foxy could have quickly ran back in and killed him. However, this situation normally only occurs when Foxy's A.I. level is very high, which is usually only possible on the Custom Night. The power also could have gone out and Foxy could have gotten inside as he was at the door. However, Foxy leaves the door immediately after arriving and wouldn't be there if the power went out a few seconds later. Also, Freddy is the only animatronic that attacks when the power goes out. Finally, Freddy's jingle playing right before the screech makes it seem like Foxy had no real responsibility in killing him, as the two cannot attack at the same time.
  4. Chica snuck into the room and killed him. It's possible that while Phone Guy had the door shut from Foxy attacking, he was looking at the monitor, at the kitchen. If Freddy was in there at this moment, his jingle would have been playing, which would have been loud enough to be caught on the call. During this time, Chica could have made it inside The Office, where she played her groaning sound. The Phone Guy could have noticed this and immediately dropped his monitor, which would have killed him.
If one assumes that the Phone Guy was not operating by in-game mechanics, the most plausible theory is simply that all the animatronics attacked him at the same time. This theory is plausible because you hear vocal cues from all animatronics before Phone Guy dies (Foxy banging on the door, Freddy's song, and Bonnie/Chica's groaning).
Since the only source of evidence surrounding Phone Guy's death is a non-visual phone call, there is really no way to confirm what exactly happened to him before he died. His death will be surrounded in pure speculation until Scott decides to shed more light on it.

Foxy Caused The Bite of '87

Back in a year that ended in 87 (presumed to be 1987), an incident occurred in which an animatronic bit someone and they, in turn, lost the frontal lobe of their brain. While not explicitly stated, it is assumed Foxy is the cause of this. The reason for this assumption is Foxy being a decommissioned animatronic. Foxy himself has fallen into disrepair over the years and Pirate Cove is listed as "Out of Order." Theory states that after The Bite of '87, Pirate Cove was shut down to avoid further injuries. Other evidence includes Foxy's damaged jaw (which always seems to hang open), which could most likely be damaged from someone attempting to pry him off of whoever he bit. However, this was confirmed to be Fredbear who caused the bite.

Where is Phone Guy's Body?

When phone guy asks you to "go into the back room", he obviously means "find my body." This could possibly be how Mike was fired. "Tampering with the animatronics" could mean, checking the suits to find the body, "General Unprofessionalism" could be screaming when finding the body, and "odor," could be the body itself rotting. Or "Tampering with the animatronics" could be setting the animatronics to your pleasure, as it is the Custom Night, and the difficulty is up to you.

Chica's Suit

Cam4B chica3

Chica's 3rd frame when her head twitches on cam 04. A second set of teeth is clearly visible.

By far the most popular theory is that Phone Guy was stuffed into Chica's suit when he was caught. The reasoning for this is, in certain poses when Chica opens her mouth, one can see an extra set of teeth inside her mouth. Judging by Phone Guy's call on the first night, the only human remains to see the light of day after putting the suit head on would be your eyes and teeth. However, Chica's second set of teeth look unrealistic and are most likely from her endoskeleton. Also, Phone Guy explicitly states that the animatronics will try to stuff you in a Freddy Fazbear suit. Finally, Chica already has an endoskeleton inside of her; it wouldn't make sense for the animatronics to stuff a human inside of her.
Another reason people think that Phone Guy is inside of Chica is because she makes raspy, human-like groaning noises when she's inside of The Office. However, Bonnie makes these noises also. A logical explanation for this would be that their artificial voice boxes (since they're singing animatronics, they most likely have one) are malfunctioning and need to be repaired. Considering that the company is rather stingy and wouldn't jump at the idea of hiring a repairman, and that the animatronics been singing these songs non-stop for 20+ years, it makes sense that their voice boxes would get damaged from repeated use.

Golden Freddy's Suit

Another popular theory is that Phone Guy was stuffed into the Golden Freddy suit. This seems plausible, as when Golden Freddy appears in The Office, he takes the position of a slumped over corpse. Adding to it, an endoskeleton cannot be seen inside Golden Freddy, especially since he has no eyes. This also lines up with the fact that Golden Freddy is a Freddy Fazbear suit, making it a very likely candidate to be stuffed with a security guard.

Golden Freddy is a Hallucination

Golden Freddy is a mysterious animatronic that has a special way of appearing. When looking at CAM 2B, it's possible for the poster to change to one of Golden Freddy. Upon lowering your monitor, Golden Freddy is sitting in The Office in front of the player. This occurs even if both doors are shut. What leads people to believe that he might be a hallucination is due to the fact that Mike Schmidt has hallucinations on occasion already. Looking at Golden Freddy's poster and looking into The Office might cause the image of Golden Freddy to stick in his head and cause him to think an animatronic has entered. Along with this, when looking at Golden Freddy, hallucinations increase. And finally, when Golden Freddy attacks, the jumpscare doesn't look like him attacking but more like one of the hallucinations when they flash on the screen.

Foxy is a Good Guy

The following is speculation with no real evidence to support the idea. A prevalent theory is that Foxy is a good guy. Supposedly, he runs from Pirate Cove to check up on Mike. However, when he gets to The Office, his scream, due to a malfunctioning voice box, causes a heart attack and kills Mike. This is very unlikely considering Mike is still stuffed into a suit just as violently as when the other animatronics catch him. The scream can also be debunked since all four animatronics make the same scream when attacking. If Foxy were to make this noise because his voice box is malfunctioning, then the rest of the animatronics would have malfunctioning voice boxes as well. That is disproved due to Freddy's laugh that occurs as he moves, showing his voice box works just fine. The likely source of this theory is due to the popularity of Foxy among the fanbase with fans attempting to make Foxy not seem as malicious as he is presented.

Nathan Dunlap Murders Parallel

On October 23, 2014, Youtube channel The Game Theorists posted a video with a compelling theory about Five Nights at Freddy's. In the video, narrator MatPat describes how the game parallels the murders committed by Nathan Dunlap in a Chuck E. Cheese on December 14, 1993 in Aurora, Colorado. The gist of the story is as follows: Dunlap was fired from the restaurant five months prior due to a disagreement on his hours. On the night of the attack, he hid in the restrooms until the restaurant was emptied out, save for four employees (Colleen O'Connor, Benjamin Grant, Sylvia Crowell, and Bobby Stevens) and night manager (Marge Kohlberg). When executing his attack, Dunlap used a small caliber handgun to kill O'Connor, Grant, and Crowell, all of whom were cleaning the dining/game area. He then proceeded to the kitchen, where he shot Stevens in the jaw. However, unknown to Dunlap, Stevens was still alive and simply playing dead in hopes that Dunlap would not finish the job. Dunlap left the kitchen and entered the back office where Kohlberg was. After having her open the safe, Dunlap shot her as well, raided the safe, and left. Dunlap was caught within hours and convicted using security footage and testimony from Stevens.
There are many parallels that run between this story and the game. They may be coincidental, but there are a fair many.

- Setting

The setting for the murders was a Chuck E. Cheese in December of 1993. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is very clearly an establishment similar in theme to a Chuck E. Cheese. As far as the year goes, the setting for the game is most likely between 1991 and 1996, which easily encompasses 1993. (For information on how the year for the game is obtained, see the Mike Schmidt Trivia.)

- Animatronics

More interesting is the parallels between the victims and the animatronics themselves.
When considering the Supply Closet, it's a rather odd room in that it seems fairly pointless. It's a small room that only Bonnie can enter and has nothing inside other than floor cleaning material. This is linked to Benjamin Grant, who was vacuuming the floors when he was murdered.
Sylvia Crowell was the closest victim to the bathroom and was cleaning the salad bar when attacked. This link's Chica's "Let's Eat" motto and her path by the restrooms to Crowell.
Foxy is linked to Marge Kohlberg as both are sequestered off from the rest in the back of the restaurant. Kohlberg being the night manager would make her a more aggressive person, translating to Foxy's aggressive behavior.
The only victim to not have a strong correlation is Colleen O'Connor, who would be tied to Freddy. However, after passing through the Dining Area, Freddy hides in the women's restroom. This could be a nod to Colleen being a woman, but more likely would be a nod to Dunlap hiding in the bathrooms before his attack.
Golden Freddy himself is an enigma for the animatronics but plays a part in this theory as well, correlating to Bobby Stevens. Golden Freddy has a tendency to show up unexpectedly and appears in the limp, slumped over position. The positioning could be reference to Stevens playing dead after getting shot. As for Golden Freddy's surprising appearances, it relates to Stevens unexpectedly being alive, to Dunlap's surprise, and being the final nail in the coffin for the killer.

- Result

The result of this theory is that Mike Schmidt is the murderer. However, it goes one step further by claiming that Mike Schmidt is actually a death row inmate and Five Nights at Freddy's plays out in his nightmares. This explains why, no matter what happens, he leaves safely at 6 AM. Not to mention, his nightmares involve him being attacked by his victims, taunted by the survivor, and he's forced to watch the same camera feed that ultimately robbed him of his freedom. And once he survives one week, he's left to relive it over and over again.


These are fan-made rumors that have turned out to be false. None of these are to be accepted as canon as they were made in an attempt to prove something that wasn't in existence in the game or were made to attempt to trick the fanbase.

1/9/8/7 on Custom Night

The biggest rumor about the game was that setting the A.I. levels on the Custom Night screen to 1/9/8/7 would reveal a secret ending to the game. Despite numerous people playing the night with those settings and showing that there was only one ending, many people believed completing the night with these settings would unlock an ending where Mike is not fired. This rumor was disproved after Update 1.3, which added the Golden Freddy kill-screen to the game whenever this code was entered. There is still no alternate ending to The Custom Night.

0/6/6/6 or 6/6/6/6 on Custom Night

It was rumored that entering either 0/6/6/6 or 6/6/6/6 on the Custom Night screen would enable the Kitchen camera. This has since been proven false. No images files for the Kitchen currently exist within the game.

Sparky the Dog

Tumblr nanu03YnF41qk2wl6o1 400

The photoshopped picture of Sparky in-game.

Sparky the Dog was a fan-made animatronic that was stated to appear on the Backstage camera. He was created by Tumblr users kodiabear and nyugen. He was described as a dog-like animatronic with a missing arm. Some claimed he was "non-violent" and would not attack the player, only occasionally appearing in the doorway to Backstage. He is completely fan-made and is not in the game, as no files for him exist. The only image of him is a photoshopped image released by his creator. The creator also claimed that Sparky is fake in this post.

Pirated/Torrented Death

Supposedly, if you pirate/illegally download the game from a specific torrent site, you will get jumpscared by Freddy when you try to exit or close the game. This was claimed to be a trick by the developer to "punish" those who didn't pay for the full version of the game. A similar trick was pulled by Greenheart Games.

"The Cupcake is a Camera"

It's rumored that the cupcake in The Office is a camera. The evidence for this is that the monitors on The Office desk seem to switch on and broadcast any attack on Mike Schmidt. However, this is easily proven false, as seen in this gif. The monitors clearly show something from inside the room. And if you look, each monitor shows a different angle. If the cupcake really were a camera, they would show the same angle. But they don't. In fact, they show angles impossible for the cupcake to see from its position facing forward on the OTHER side of the room from Foxy. This suggests that the monitors simply reflect the attack rather than display it. However, why they don't reflect anything until an attack happens is unknown.

Surprise Bonnie Screen

Bonnie screen mini

Twitcher KennyXii encountering the Bonnie screen.

A rumor that's been gaining attention is one where, upon opening the game, the eyeless hallucination of Bonnie will appear and stare at the player. Information about how this occurs is unknown and seems to be random. Some reports say it lasts for just a few seconds and some say it can last for several minutes. Some even say that Bonnie's eyes start to slowly turn white. And further still, some say it can occur on death as well. With the inconsistencies in the reports and the only evidence being screen shots which can easily be manipulated, if at all, the rumor seems rather unlikely. However, despite the conflicting reports, at least some form of this has been proven true.


These are fan-generated theories that attempt to explain certain aspects of the game. None of these theories have been confirmed and should not be accepted as canon unless Scott affirms that they are true.

Jeremy Is The Bite of '87 Victim

One very popular theory is that Jeremy Fitzgerald is the victim of the much-debated Bite of '87. On Night 6, Phone Guy says, "Uh, we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday. You'll be on day shift, wear your uniform, stay close to the animatronics, make sure they don't hurt anyone, okay?" This leads people to believe that Jeremy did as he was told and, having stayed close to the animatronics, wound up being attacked and bitten by one of them.
Supporting this theory is the fact that the animatronic characters had been acting strangely recently, having been possibly tampered with. "But the characters have been acting very unusual, almost aggressive towards the staff. They interact with the kids just fine, but when they encounter an adult, they just...stare," Phone Guy says, which may imply that Jeremy, being so close to the animatronics, could have easily made him a target.

Fritz Smith is the Phone Guy

Another very popular theory is that the night guard for Night 7 - Fritz Smith, according to his termination slip - is actually the Phone Guy himself. Supporters of this theory point out that Phone Guy offers to take Jeremy's shift at night, while Jeremy fills in for the newly-available day shift; Jeremy works on Night 6, so Night 7 theoretically would be the very next night.
On the other hand, Phone Guy states on Night 6's call that they have "one more event scheduled" before the restaurant is forced to close due to an incident, and that he himself would take over the night shift "when the place eventually opens again." This implies that Phone Guy did not begin working the night shift immediately, but rather would begin if and when the pizzeria reopened. It is even possible that there was no guard necessary for that night at all, if the pizzeria closed up that very day - especially if The Bite of '87 occurred during the birthday party, causing a premature shutdown of the establishment.
Furthermore, Fritz's notice of termination states, "First day on the job? Really?!?!" which likely rules out Phone Guy as he has obviously worked for much longer than just one day - unless management considered his first night shift as his first day as it would have been his first time working that particular task.
It is also possible that Night 7 is simply not considered canon, much like the Custom Night from the first game, rendering the identity of Fritz Smith irrelevant to the story at large.


These are fan-made rumors that have turned out to be false. None of these are to be accepted as canon as they were made in an attempt to prove something that wasn't in existence in the game or were made to attempt to trick the fanbase.

Man In The Main Hall

It was rumored via a YouTube video that a shadow of a man could be seen in the Main Hall. In the video, when the Monitor was flipped to the Main Hall, the player would see a shadowy man standing in the middle of the hall, wearing what seems to be a security badge. Upon seeing this mysterious shadow, Phone Guy's call becomes garbled for a split second before returning to normal, as if the appearance of the "man" glitched the audio.
Though much debate was sparked over the legitimacy of the video, this has been proven just a rumor, as the creator of the video has since explained on a follow-up video that the clip was in fact fake.

Purple Chica/Golden Freddy Mishmash

Purp bannana
Another YouTube video was released during the same time frame by another user, featuring gameplay from FNaF2 but with a supposed "Easter egg". The video starts with a ringing phone, followed by a sudden flash of a dark, purple figure wearing a yellow badge slumped against the wall in The Office in the same place and pose as Golden Freddy. Immediately after this flash of the mysterious figure, the screen cuts to static and the full XSCREAM sound byte from the first game is heard.
This video claimed to reveal the secrets of the Purple Man and the possibility that he is Phone Guy. However, inspection of the video reveals that the slumped figure is simply an edited mash of Golden Freddy with Chica's head, tinted purple. The XSCREAM file is also not present in the game files, making it impossible that it could play in the game at all.

Night 8

There have been reports of a "Night 8" option appearing on the main menu in rare cases when continuing from Night 5. This seems to be a glitch in which the text that normally should read "Night 5" inexplicably changes to "Night 8", and can be triggered by scrolling the mouse quickly over the main menu screen, as seen in this video (via Twitch). When the player manages to click the Night it will show the "1st Night" screen as there is no image for the "8th Night". Since there is no data for Night 8 all animatronics and the Puppet are off, except for Foxy due his broken AI. Once the Night is completed the game will hang on the "6 AM Screen" until you close the game. You can view Night 8 being played here to completion.
Another video that surfaced on YouTube shows the player selecting Night 8 and actually being able to load into it, only to be confronted with Golden Freddy already sitting in The Office, making survival virtually impossible. However, this video was made by a user who is known for fake, edited footage, and thus the video cannot be trusted.
While the Night itself is a programming error, the rumor of Night 8 having any sort of significance to the story is proven false. It is explained how the Night comes about by the Reddit user onevsamillion in his post. onevsamillion went into more detail on how this works on this post. This also can occur in FNaF 1 if you do the same actions.
Additionally, this glitch can be used to make the menu read other values, including negative numbers. However, it will not show "Night 0." When completing a night with a negative number, the game will not automatically return to the main menu. Instead, the animated confetti in the background will fall indefinitely.

Balloon Girl

On rare occasions, a strangely-colored Balloon Boy will appear under the player's desk in The Office. He doesn't do anything but lurk, and eventually just leaves. Though the model is exactly the same as the normal BB, his colors are shifted, leading some to believe it is a different animatronic altogether. This "special" version of BB was soon dubbed "Balloon Girl", a name then perpetuated on YouTube, causing viewers to catch on and begin to refer to the palette-swapped BB as such.
Since this character doesn't do anything, it is currently impossible to determine why BB appears in this way or how he is triggered. Similarly, without any evidence to support the theory other than the odd colors, there is also no reason to believe it is a separate character from the normal Balloon Boy at all. Thus, he remains officially referred to as Balloon Boy, albeit an altered one, and perhaps even a true hallucination.

Shadow BB

In mid-January 2015, a rumor sprung up claiming that someone had found a "Shadow BB" in the mobile version of the game. This supposed special Balloon Boy looks just like Shadow Bonnie, a black silhouette with white dots for eyes and teeth - differing from an earlier rumor claiming a "Shadow BB" existed that looked broken and rusted out. However, there is no gameplay footage of either of these rumored alternate BB's, only images; none of which are actually found in the game's files. Therefore, there is no such Shadow BB in the game, despite how many of the pictures have been circulated, perpetuating the rumors.

More coming soon.

More coming soon.

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FNaF 1: What We Knew

In FNaF 1, you play as Mike Schmidt, a night security guard for a failing pizza restaurant. He works from 12 AM to 6 AM, and has to survive the relentless assault of 5 animatronics, Freddy, Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, and Golden Freddy. These Chuck E. Cheese-ish robots attempt to kill Mike. On occasion, Mike can find one of four newspaper articles in the East Hall Corner. The titles of the articles are: 'Local Pizzeria said to close by Year's End', 'Local Pizzeria Threatened with Shutdown over Sanitation', 'Missing Children at Pizzeria, Bodies Not Found', and 'Five Children Reported Missing, Suspect Convicted'. They contain information about five children who have disappeared in Freddy Fazbear's. Not much more information is given in FNaF 1, except that the kids were murdered in a yellow suit. We also are given information on the "Bite of '87", where a child gets his frontal lobe chomped off. Most assumed Foxy had done this at the time.

FNaF 2: What We Knew

In FNaF 2, we were introduced to the Toy Animatronics. It has been proven that FNaF 2 is a prequel to FNaF 1. You play as Jeremy Fitzgerald, also a night-shift guard. He has to contend with the original 5 animatronics, as well as another 5: Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, and the Puppet. As you play, you will occasionally get 'death-minigames' where you act as one of the animatronics to perform a certain task, i.e. giving cake to children as Freddy, putting yourself together as Mangle, and giving all of the dead children life as the Puppet. As you continue through the game, you can see the Puppet making all of the children into the haunted robots we all know and love/hate. If you play for long enough, you may encounter Shadow Freddy or Shadow Bonnie. MatPat has speculated that the two 'Shadow' animatronics are employees that died in the suits and their spirits stuck around.

FNaF 3: What We Knew

The name of the night guard in FNaF 3 is still unknown. But he/she has to survive the onslaught of Springtrap and the Phantom Animatronics. The Phantoms are unable to kill you, but they cause a wide variety of issues, such as breaking your ventilation systems or your audio players. As Springtrap traverses Fazbear's Fright, which is a horror attraction based on Freddy Fazbear's and the mysteries behind all the disappearances. If you do not deter him by playing Balloon Boy's laugh, he will eventually kill you. He will head first for the Exit Door. This proves that he really just wants to leave. Once he sees the doors are locked, he attempts to kill you, presumably to take your keys and leave. In the FNaF 3 minigames, we see how Springtrap is actually Purple Guy, and he was trapped inside the Springtrap suit when attempting to escape the dead children after releasing their souls from the animatronics. He hopped on into the suit, and, being incautious, he triggered the springlocks and got himself crushed. In the final death minigame, we watch him get crushed, but don't see the light leave his eyes. He just squats there, twitching as the screen fades to black. If you go the extra mile and beat the game a second time while doing some random stuff in the minigames, you get the 'Good Ending', where all of the animatronic’s heads have the lights out in their eyes. If you don't go through all of the extra torture, you get the 'Bad Ending', with all of the animatronic's lights still on, AND an extra mascot head.

FNaF 4: What We Knew

FNaF 4 was much different form all of the other games before it. For instance, you were not playing as a night guard, but as the victim of the Bite of '87, a child whose brain got chomped on. The entire game appears to be the child's fever dreams as he lay dying in the hospital. Every time you complete a night, you will play as the child through a certain level, such as in his home or Fredbear's Family Dinner. As you continue to play the game, you can only watch in horror as the poor kid gets bullied by his older brother. The only reason the kid was still alive was because Purple Guy was his father. Once you get to Night 5, you watch on as the younger brother is forced by his tormentor to kiss Fredbear, of whom he's terrified. The child gets caught in Fredbear's jaw, and his frontal lobe gets damaged beyond repair. The bullies look on in horror when this happens.

FNaF: The Silver Eyes

This book was co-written by Scott Cawthon, creator of the series. In the book, a group of 4 friends revisits their hometown of Hurricane, Utah to pay their respects to their childhood friend, Michael, who disappeared along with 4 other kids on the same day. When they return, they head back to Freddy's to basically say their goodbyes in a more connected way. It is there that they meet Dave, a security guard for the unfinished mall that was built around Freddy's. When the group discovers the entrance to Freddy's, they enter on three separate occasions. The first time, they enter and play around a bit, nothing much happens. On the second visit, one of their groups disappears. He is a known trickster, so the others don't think much of it, except for Jason, an 11 year old who watched Carlton get taken by Springtrap, or 'yellow Bonnie'. The others ignore this, as some elaborate prank. It is only the next morning that they realize their mistake and rush back to the pizzeria. Upon getting to the door, they find it welded and chained shut. They find another way in to the pizzeria, and are then separated and attacked by the robots. Long story short, they find Carlton, confront the spirits and Michal in their new robot bodies, and also shout at Dave a bunch. After done shouting, they let him speak, and he basically tells them flat out, 'I am an animatronic.' He actually says, "Because I am one of them." when they threaten to leave him in the pizzeria and they don't believe that he'd live. After done talking, and learning that he's not Dave, but William Afton. Afterwards, Charlie triggers the springlocks in his suit, thus possibly ending him, as Afton had revealed to Carlton that a springlock failure IS survivable, but unbearably painful. Afton went so far as to say, "You will die, but it will be slow." The kid's bodies are retrieved from the animatronic suits, and buried. 'Dave'/William Afton was also buried, still in the suit, at the pizzeria.

FNaF: Sister Location

This is the latest instalment in the series as of March, 2017. A movie is coming out sometime. In Sister Location, you play as Michael Afton before the events of FNaF 3 and FNaF: The Silver Eyes, but after the Bite of '87. It is an FNaF free-roam, as you travel the underground robot factory, to free Michael's sister. In the end, his father, William's, daughter dies by the hands of the robots meant to save his son, Baby gets haunted by said daughter, and Michael by death of robot scooper. Michael's flesh is then made into a kind of flesh suit, so the collective consciousness of the robots known as Ennard can wear it and roam the surface. If this is true, it means that Michael was long dead during the springlock failures, and is just kind of sitting in the ground, waiting to come back up.

FNaF Characters

The Animatronics- Haunted robots/malfunctioning ones

The Dead Kids- Self-explanatory name, there are 10 known. (Freddy, Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, Golden Freddy, the Puppet, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Circus Baby, and Ballora)

Charlie- Daughter of Henry, main protagonist in FNaF: The Silver Eyes

Carlton- Prankster, captured by Springtrap and nearly killed by springlocks

Jason- 11-year-old, who watched Carlton's capture, also discovered that the animatronics were haunted because of William Afton's murder-spree.

Marla- Older sister of Jason

John- Charlie's crush, helped Charlie remember that her brother, Sammy, was murdered by Springtrap

Sammy- The first victim of William Afton, Charlie's twin brother

Michal- Friend to Charlie, Carlton, John, and Marla, he haunted Golden Freddy

William Afton- Murdered children to both appease himself and to attempt to rescue his son

Crying Child- William Afton's son, died at the hands of Golden Freddy.

Green-Eyed Girl- William Afton's daughter, died to Circus Baby while Afton attempted to resurrect his son

Older Brother- William Afton's eldest son, partially responsible for the death of Crying Child

Henry- Co-Owner of Freddy Fazbear's with William Afton, committed suicide after people accused him of being the murderer of the original 5 missing children. He designed all of the animatronics

Extra Theories (Diet Theories, Anyone?)

  1. The Circus Baby Rentals robots were designed by Afton to kidnap children for experimentation so he could bring his son back to life, albeit in a robot body.
  2. The springlock suits were originally designed to kill. The jaws on the robots have far too powerful hydraulics, or pneumatics, or whatever they use. Watch TheGameTheorist's most recent FNaF video about how they are designed to kill. SIDENOTE: All of the animatronics after the Springlock suits were based entirely on those designs. Freddy is just a re-colored version of Fredbear (Golden Freddy)

Any other Diet Theories are welcome! Thanks for any contributions! Just please don't have out-of-date info, that's just mean.

I sent this document to the Game Theorist facebook age a while ago, and the message hasn't been seen. Thought I'd leave it here if anyone wanted to have a read. Keep in mind was written for MatPat, so that's why it's directed to him. A lot of it is far fetched, and I know it's probably all wrong, but it's just a theory, theories are to be shared. Perhaps some of you have similar ideas?


Fnaf 1

Firstly I want to say that between the “Timeline” and “Dream” stand point on the whole lore, I got to say that I agree with both. In most of your videos, you have clearly shown how things can go under the dream theory and a lot of things make sense.

This is just a theory that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now, and it does involve both a dream theory and timeline theory stand point. Now, like most theories, this may just be me clutching at straws in order to try understanding this confusing yet addictive lore, but this theory could actually give us a bit more information about the timeline, especially about the time period the Fredbear Family Diner takes place. Also, this theory has quite a few flaws that I’ll address later and try give possible solutions.

So, overall, I have a theory that the bite of ’83 is actually the bite of ’87. 

Now, the main evidence that contradicts this statement is of course the TV show Easter egg, showing the date 1983.

Fnaf 2

Now, I always thought it was kind of weird to place the current year on the TV show. So instead of interpreting that as a current year date, perhaps it’s an origin date? Similar to most products, the year the company was produced often appear on their products, like this bag for example:

(Origin date is cricled in red.)

So, perhaps instead of the 1983 referring to the current year that you play in, perhaps it’s an origin date for the TV show that was released. Now, I believe that this TV show was inspired by the Fredbear Family Diner. Perhaps, a company found out about the diner and saw how much the children enjoyed going there and thought it would be a good TV in order to make a lot of money.

However, shown through the minigame showing the first death with the puppet jumpscare, the diner only has one animatronic which is Freddy, or possibly Fredbear (from the name Fredbear’s Family Diner).

But obviously, you can’t make a TV show using just one animatronic, so they decided to create some more (and perhaps this TV show then inspired the real animatronics in the Fnaf games now).

Fnaf 3

So, I think they created the new characters/animatronics to make an entertaining TV show. As we can see Freddy holding cake feeding the children, they gave this role to their new character Chica in order to give another role to Freddy to play as the ‘leader’ of the pack. So the origin of this TV show being in 1983 would allow us to make a rough guess about where the diner would have happened. I believe it would be in 1983 or slightly beforehand in order to work with the TV show theory.

Fnaf 4

Now, relating this to the dream theory, the crying child imagines this TV shows merchandise (the toys and the plushies) and imagines them as evil animatronics which appear in Fnaf 2, which explains Mangle from the sister’s bedroom. Another thought of how the older brother is wearing the Foxy mask could then explain why in Fnaf you would wear a Freddy mask to trick the animatronics into thinking that you too are an animatronic. Perhaps this is some symbol of how crying child wants to wear a mask like his brother’s friends to fit in possibly? Or perhaps there is a mask from the merchandise that he dreams about.

Fnaf 6
Fnaf 5

Another point that helps prove that this is in fact the bite of ’87 is that in both the Fnaf 4 minigame’s and the Fnaf 2 gameplay is that they are both set around a birthday party. And of course, this birthday party is the crying child’s party. Even, Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie are explained under the dream theory that you have already pointed out. But not everything can be explained under the dream theory.

Obviously this kid is scared for some reason, which makes me believe in the timeline theory relating to the murders. Even the pig tailed girl in Fnaf 4 speaks of the animatronics capturing kids, and these stories can’t come out of mid-air. Something must’ve happened to start these types of stories, which make me believe in the murders.

Now, obviously this theory contradicts with a lot of the other theories that are out there, including some of your ones.

Fnaf 7
  1. 1- The main one being that it appears that crying child died in hospital when hearing the flat line in the end scene of Fnaf 4. One thought could be that the child was resuscitated. But one strange thought is one of the ending lines “I will put you back together.” The colour text belonging to the pigtailed girl who is speculated to be the crying child’s sister and/or Baby in Sister Location. One thought that comes to mind especially after the final cut scene of the Sister Location Custom Night where you hear Michael saying “I put her back together, just like you told me too.” Perhaps there is a link in here? Such as purple guy turning his kids into animatronics (putting them back together). Now this might not relate to this whole theory, but it does relate to the whole Sister Location debacle.
  1. 2- The next flaw is that you clearly stated that a person who doesn’t have a frontal lobe shouldn’t feel fear. Now I can’t really go against such science like that, so all I can think of is perhaps Scott didn’t think of this detail fully, but I doubt that. Another extreme thought is perhaps instead of playing as the crying child throughout the nights, you actually play as the brother. Perhaps he spends his nights at the hospital to stay near his brother because he feels bad for what happens, and is now scared of the suits himself because of what happened to his brother. But I highly doubt it.

(Image for point #3)

  1. 3- Another theory is that the crying child then becomes the puppet or golden Freddy (that is if he
    Fnaf 8
    doesn’t die) like the video you uploaded. Although I believe if the crying child does live he doesn’t become either because I believe the puppet is the first child to die at the diner and the golden Freddy becomes one of the five children to die at the unknown pizza place.
  1. 4- Another thing that doesn’t make sense not only with this theory but just if Fnaf 2 was in fact a dream, how in Fnaf 3 do you the player see hallucinations such as balloon boy if in fact you shouldn’t know they exist. Unless you play as the crying child in Fnaf 3, which means that the crying child would have to survive but now it just gets confusing. That or Fnaf 3 is also a dream due to the crazy minigame’s, but the concept of a horror show set off some murders with an animatronic suit with a person stuck inside it seems a bit too detailed to be a dream.

(Watch video here: Four Games, One story)     

Now, side note: as I’m typing this I’m currently watching your old lice streams as I often binge watch all the 

Fnaf 9

theory videos in hope that they somehow allow something to click in my brain, making me understand it all, and you mention The Box that hasn’t and possibly won’t ever be opened. One thing that I often think about is why are there two locks? This surely just can’t be for design. So normally, when you have two locks on something that means obviously you have two keys.  

Fnaf 10

These two keys are given to two different people in order to keep your secret safer. Some people say that this box relates to the book, and the two owners of the establishment, but now (again) with the new release of the final cut scene of the Sister Location Custom Nights, I think that the two people that are trying to keep this box closed are perhaps Michael and William Afton. The cut scene confirms that the two of them are/have been working together regarding the animatronics, so it would make sense for them to both have a secret together. Now, I’m still a bit confused about the whole meaning of the final cut scene, but here’s just a thought. 


Another thought relating to the box is perhaps the puppet isn’t a puppet? What if instead of being a puppet, it’s actually a Jack-in-the-box character? Now, there’s a lot of evidence showing drawings of the marionette showing the puppet strings attached to the character itself. In Fnaf 2 the ‘puppet’ can be seen in the present box, with cables on top of it. Perhaps those cables are to be pulled to open the box to reveal the puppet? Another reason why this could be a jack in the box is the added element of winding up the music box to keep the puppet at bay. Perhaps instead of being like a traditional jack-in-the-box where you wind the toy to reveal the character, in order to make it more stressful to the player, Scott decided to reverse that action, making it that you have to wind the toy to keep the puppet at bay. Even the puppet jumpscare is designed to look like s jack-in-the-box. The way the puppet jumps out of nowhere, springing forwards, towards the player, similar to how a jack-in-the-box would jump out at you. And shown here (< picture) there are no cables connected to the puppet. This could be solved as a paranormal feature that the puppet is able to walk around freely due to it being a spirit, OR it could link back to the jack-in-the-box idea.

Fnaf 11
Fnaf 12

A side note to this theory, as I was researching more about Jack-in-the-boxes, the results that came up were referring to the Jack in the Box E. Coli Outbreak which happened in 1993. This outbreak was created from undercooked patties at a Jack in the Box restaurant chain. This outbreak killed 4 children and 178 people were left with permanent injuries such as kidney issues and brain damage. Now I’m not saying that this outbreak is related to the Fnaf lore, but with the release of Fnaf 1 a lot of people thought Scott was inspired by the deaths at a local Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant (like how you mentioned in your first Fnaf theory video.) So, I wouldn’t put it past Scott getting inspired from something like this.

Out of these two theories, my money would be on the first one, but I still wanted to mention the second thought.

Now talking about the game Sister Location, the main animatronic that is important to the story line is Ennard. Before the custom nights were released, I had a theory of the origin on Ennard, which could still be correct. The way that the minigame’s showed Baby with blue eyes, however in the actual game/trailer Baby was shown to have green eyes. In your sister location theory you put it down to the animatronic being possessed with the green eyed girl, which I believe if it isn’t 100% correct, it does link back into this theory. Once baby captured the girl using her menacing claw, I believe that baby would then have to be scooped in order to retrieve the girl’s body. After being scooped, it is possible that they just threw Baby’s original endoskeleton away (somewhere in the Sister Location location). This could then be the start of the Enard animatronic, shown that Ennard has blue eyes too. Perhaps Ennard was originally the first baby endoskeleton, and he would go around collecting other parts of the animatronics once they had been scooped in order to become an ultimate killing animatronic, using all the special features of the other animatronics such as tracking, mimicking, storage tank etc. Perhaps knowing the origin on Ennard will help clear up some mysteries with the lore?

(Baby shown with green eyes, but blue eyes in the minigame - similar to Ennard.)
Fnaf 13
Fnaf 15
Fnaf 14

Anyway, that’s about all the main theories that I have. I know a lot of them probably won’t be true as there are a lot of flaws, especially for the bite of ‘83/’87, but that was just an idea that I wanted someone to think about. Even if these theories are completely garbage, I felt like it was necessary to look at these theories from different angles. And hey, perhaps these could even help you? Trying to fill in this crazy timeline with some different theories and views on things such as the box. I think I’ll end this here saying that I’m a big fan, and I enjoy your theories a lot. It was your theory videos that got me obsessed with Fnaf and I often find myself thinking about the timeline a lot. I’m looking forward to your new theories, especially you explaining the new Sister Location custom night end cut scene.



So that was my theories, I'd love to hear yours. This is entirely a theory and in no way true so keep that in mind.

If you want to check out the Game Theorist's videos (which I highly reccommend) the link is here:

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